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You need to read this and share this. You can make a difference.
I`m not getting and money or luuux money for this post, I just want as many people to know about this. I didn`t write the following but it`s better put together than I could make it... please read!



Im sure many of you have now seen the Invisible Children video regarding the Make Kony Famous campaign. If not, please take the time to watch it - it may be one of the most important things you ever do. (the site is currently experiencing a lot of traffic, so if you cant get through immediately, please try again).

Ive been looking through Tumblr and it would seem not everyone is aware of the ways that they can get involved. So, I thought Id put together a post with some useful links, so people know exactly what they can do.

1. Share the video ( with your friends, family, co-workers - anyone you can. This is the easiest, quickest and cheapest way to inform people about the situation, and to get them involved in the campaign.

2. Download the .pdf pack (scroll down to the hit the streets section) or buy a Kony 2012 Action Kit, bracelet or ready-printed posters. Put up the posters anywhere and everywhere.

3. Contact the culturemakers. Invisible Children has identified 20 key public figures who they feel represent diverse cultural and political perspectives and, most importantly, can influence countless numbers of people. So, tweet or Facebook Oprah, Mark Zuckerberg, Lady Gaga, Angelina Jolie, George Clooney, Bill OReilly, Bill Gates, Jay-Z, Justin Bieber, Rick Warren, Ellen DeGeneres, Ben Affleck, Rihanna, Stephen Colbert, Warren Buffet, Taylor Swift, Ryan Seacrest, Tim Tebow, Rush Limbaugh and/or Bono and implore them to make a public statement saying that they support international efforts to stop Kony.

4. Contact the policymakers. Similarly, IC has identified 12 key politicians they believe can have an impact. So, tweet, email or write (if youre not sure what to write, dont worry - theres set text written by IC on each policymakers page) to George W. Bush, Condoleezza Rice, John Kerry, Bill Clinton, Harry Reid, John Boehner, Kay Granger, Mitt Romney, Stephen Harper, Ban Ki-Moon, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, and/or Patrick Leahy and implore them to make a public statement saying that they support international efforts to stop Kony.

5. If youre not in the US, then its not possible to write to all of the US politicians above. Why not contact your own political representatives, inform them of the situation, and ask for their support? And you can do this even if you are in the US - its not just the politicians above who can help. (UK - find your representatives)

6. If youre in the US, get in touch with the street team in your area (New York City, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Chicago, Austin and San Diego) and see how you can help.

7. Get involved in Cover The Night on 20 April 2012. This is a night when supporters will meet in cities across the globe and, while everyone else sleeps, cover the streets with posters, flyers, etc. This will raise huge awareness about the campaign if enough people are involved. Try to find out if an event is already planned in your local city and, if not, why not start one?

Most importantly, you need to tell anyone who will listen about the atrocious crimes committed by Joseph Kony, and reinforce just how important it is that he is brought to justice. He must be arrested in 2012. Make sure you help make it happen.

Other useful links: Kony 2012 campaign website, Invisible Children Facebook page, Invisible Children Twitter

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