Stockings or tights-which Is better?

So I was looking at getting some hosiery over the holls and tbh I`ve always preferred stockings, and I was just after getting some opinions really so I`ve got some good an bad points for each, so what do you think?

The good: they keep you warm (all over), you can wear them with short skirts, they`re seen as more suitable, you can get them in patterns and colours :)

The bad: they`re not very sexy are they?; you have to take them off to go to the toilet...amongst other activities; they take forever to take off

The good: well they`re much sexier than tights; you can get little lace tops and seems and things; you don`t have to remove them for the toilet

The bad: you have to spend ages finding a matching pair (abit like socks) suspender belts can be uncomfortable; you can`t wear them with shorts/hotpants; some people think they`re slaggy

Would love your opinions on this guys, much love


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