Stir Fried Yard Long Beans with Chinese Sausage

4 years ago

Hi everyone. I just wanted to share a dish I made for dinner last night. My whole family is a big fan of this dish. It`s really simple to make. All you need is some Yard Long Beans, and you can find these at asian markets, some chinese sausage or any meat of your liking, some cloves of garlic and some salt. First you would want to break the beans into smaller pieces and soak them for a while in a bowl of water just to clean off any dirt. Then you par boil them for a couple minutes. After par boiling the beans for a few min, drain and rinse under cold water and set aside. Then, heat up the wok or skillet, drizzle some oil. When the oil is hot, put the garlic in there, whole or minced. Next add the chinese sausage, but if you are adding any other meat besides the sausage, I would suggest you cook those separately. Stir fry the sausage on med heat until done and then add the beans and some salt. After adding the salt you would want to stir fry it some more and it`s ready to be served. If you are planning on using different kinds of meat, cook the meat first and set aside. Then heat the wok again, add oild and garlic, then stir fry the beans until reheated. Add some salt stir fry for a little while and then add the meat. It`s a simple and delicious dish.

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