Still Alive? Facebook will notify familyfriends..

The power of technology, Internet and how so many rely on Facebook.. Facebook can be a big help especially during a natural disaster.

<strong>How to notify to your love ones that you`re okay from a natural disaster such as an earth quake, tsunami, wild fire and so forth? </strong>

Well Facebook will know when a natural disaster is hit so if you`re okay all you do is click "MARK SAFE" and it`ll show on your profile that you are currently safe from whatever disaster it is.

<strong>Do you think it`s a good idea?</strong> Yes and no. Yes, because a lot of family/friends/loved ones are on Facebook and it`s a quick way of communication. No, because if there is a earthquake or something and your phone doesn`t work or near you. How would you access Facebook?

Overall: Either way, it`s still a good feature. I know when there`s an earthquake, my facebook newsfeeds are filled with OMG EARTHQUAKE... seems like they rather update their facebook status then duck!
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