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I had meant to make a post about the Stila stuff I bought on Hautelook a while back, in time for this Stila sale that is on Hautelook right now. However time just got away from me. The Stila sale is still going on, but it`s ending soon on Monday, April 16, 2012 at 8 AM PT.

-Wonderful in Waikiki Palette
(paid $8, originally $62 - I can`t imagine it ever being worth that much.
I believe this palette is discontinued now and I didn`t see it reappear on Hautelook this time, but you can find it for about $15 on Amazon, other discount beauty websites, etc.)
-Kajal Eye Liner - Amethyst
(paid $5, went on sale for $12, out of stock in Amethyst, other colors available for $18)
-Smudge Pots: Cobalt, Jade
(paid $10, worth $20, only $9 on
There used to be a very affordable Smudge Pot trio with brush included on a long time but sadly they sold out before I could get any.

Open palette with a good sized mirror & instructions for dummies like me!
I didn`t really care about the last Stila sale, but when I saw this Wonderful in Waikiki Palette, I really wanted to buy it, because I`m an idiot that`s a sucker for cliches, haha. I`m going to Hawaii soon and I thought it`d be perfect to take this along. In fact, I won`t be bringing any other palettes or eye shadows. In fact, I never bring more than 1 palette or too much eye shadow. I can usually do without it.

So I put this thing in my cart and before I knew it, I had picked out a few other things as well. Eep.

Eye Shadows L-R:
-Wahine (champagne beige),
-Sarong (auburn coral),
-Coconut (shimmery brown),
-Surf (bright, sky blue)

-North Shore Cheek Color (peach & orange hybrid)
-Hanauma Bay Bronzing Powder (shimmery golden brown)
Though it states this is a bronzing powder, however, in the instructions, it says to `apply... Hanauma Bay to cheekbones to highlight.` I suppose that is Stila`s way of informing us that you can use it for either purpose. I think it makes more sense as a highlight, because when it catches the light, it has a lot of shimmer.
Also, these are both quite creamy, so I might put it on my lips instead. I don`t like sticky things on my face, especially on the cheek area.

This is how they came shipped to me. I think they all have that little circle that looks like I stuck a toothpick in them and created an imperfection.
I didn`t feel like swatching them. I have had a Stila Smudge Pot before, probably in Cobalt, from many years ago. I really liked it, but it dried up way too quickly, before I was ready to throw it away. So I really don`t feel like sticking my fingers or brushes in here unless I plan to use it. I think once you touch it, you activate some sort of reaction that starts to degrade and break down the product, causing them to turn to garbage.

Here is the Amethyst Kajal eye liner. It`s sort of a muted purple that comes off quite brown from a distance. When I drew on my arm, it felt very smooth and creamy. When I removed it with a wipe, it resisted and held onto my skin for a bit before finally caving into the liquids on my wipe. I guess that shows it is resistant against moisture. I`ll see how it holds up against teary eyes throughout the day.

I thought it was interesting how the eye liner says `made in Italy,` whereas the smudge pots say `made in USA,` and the palette says `made in China.` lol I don`t know, these small details just interest me.

If you want to get some stuff from this Stila sale on Hautelook going on now, but you end up missing it. It`ll probably come around again in a few weeks, probably not the same items.

That`s all I got. Have a great rest of your weekend!

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