Stick your finger up a NOSE - PHONE CASE!

Do you lose your grip when holding your phone sometimes? Well, with this Hana Silicone iPhone 4/4S phone case, you can no longer lose your grip because your fingers will be in the cases nose! Hana in Japanese means nose so stick your fingers into HANA, your phone case. With this case, you will definitely be center of attention, you`ll get points, stares and who knows some people might snap photos of you like you`re a celebrity!

The nose isn`t a hard nose either, it`s made out of a soft silicone that feels like suede. By having a nose your phone looks like it`s actually blinking at you. The phone is available to purchase here: for $12 available in 3 different colors: blue, pink and lime.

<strong>Is this a phone case you`d rock if you have/had an iPhone 4G/4Gs?</strong> It`s quite unique but I would think it`s so weird sticking my hand in a nose and using the phone out in public especially since I use the phone a lot. Also, it`s not convenient to fit in your pocket which is obvious cause the nose is so big it won`t fit but it`s a funny case nonetheless.

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