Stew Beef, Rice amp Peas, Cabbage amp Avacado

5 years ago

So this is a meal I picked up at the Caribbean restaurant I went to while visiting Boston yesterday. Since Roxbury is only an exit up from where I was, I decided to pop in, go to the tropical food market and then grab some yumminess at this restaurant to bring home to have later. I ordered a plate to share when home, so I ordered Jamaican Stew Beef, Rice & Peas, Stewed Cabbage & Avocado. This plate is considered a small at this restaurant and was only $8! The food was absolutely fabulous!

My parents both make stewed beef, but this was made a little different than Ive ever had it. When we have soup the dumplings are inside it, but when we have stewed meats we tend to have dumplings on the side (a Jamaican dumpling is dough thats kneaded like crazy, then boiled in water so its a hard, chewy dumpling). This stewed beef had boneless steak in it, kidney beans and mini dumplings in it. Very good and it was VERY thick. Usually my stewed beef/chicken at home has a sauce to it, but this was a great twist and one I plan on trying next time around we are having Jamaican food.

Rice and peas is a typical Jamaican rice and beans dish, usually cooked with coconut milk/powder. The stewed cabbage is different from how I make it with curry but this was stewed and just so fresh tasting, it was really nice. I need to figure out how this was made so I can make my own version! The avocado was an add on by the owner. The girl originally taking my order was new and not truly familiar with Jamaican cuisine, so she had no idea what I meant when I said I wanted stew beef, she told the cook I wanted beef stew and Im like no those are two different things LOL.

The picture is of the food at around room temperature since it was in my relatively cool car for about two hours (thanks to traffic!) before I got home.

<em>Have you ever had Jamaican food?</em>

Image is mine do not take or use. Thank you.

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