Steve Blake, wife receive death threats via Twitter after Lakers Game 2 loss

4 years ago

Haters going to hate, thats the phrase to describe Steve Blakes situation. Maybe hes not clutch or Kobe, but at least he had the motive to get open and attempt a game winning shot. Put yourself in his position and lets say you missed? How would you feel being blamed by Lakers fans and perhaps teammates? From my perspective, winning isnt everything, you win some, you lose some, its a learning process and as long as you played hard, worked hard, thats something special. Even Blakes teammate Andrew Bynum was happy with what happened!
After the game, both the Twitter feeds of Blake and his wife, Kristen, were inundated with criticism ranging from curse word-laden rants to threats.
"I hope your family gets murdered," read one tweet that Kristen Blake re-tweeted along with a single comment: "Wow." [...]
Steve Blake responded to the troublesome situation after Lakers practice on Thursday.
"It`s pretty disappointing that there are a lot of hateful people out there, but you move on," Blake said. "I just don`t appreciate it when it`s toward my family. You can come at me all you want but when you say things about my wife and my kids, that makes me upset."

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