Sterling Silver Heart-Link Bracelet

My wrists have been bare since I took off my 7 Gold bangles like a year or two ago. I wore them them for many many years every since Middle School so it was time to retire them plus it gets in the way when I write a lot. I would wear the bangles on my left hand but it doesn`t feel comfortable for me. I want to get a new set of bangles in White Gold but it`s expensive and not something I must have yet so I`ll wait. I have been searching for a cute bracelet that I could see myself wearing daily for the longest time but finally I found one at Kohl`s! It`s the <strong>Sterling Silver Heart-Link Bracelet</strong>, it`s a very dainty bracelet. It may look fragile but the hearts are really sturdy. I tried bending the hearts before buying it to make sure it can be a "daily" wearable bracelet and it seems like it will be. I love the hearts, it`s girly but not BAM in your face hearts since it`s small. =)

OKAY! On the rip off part. I thought I was getting a good deal because this bracelet originally is priced at $45 but ends up I wasn`t really getting a good deal.

Originally $45
Sale for 65% off = $15.75
+ additional 10% off Jewelry products = $14.17
I had a coupon for additional 20% off = $11.34
<em>I ended up paying less than $13 including tax</em>

BUT, when I peel off the sticker on the tag that said Original $45, it said $40 and when you onto Kohl`s website the original price is $35 and on sale for $12.25. <em>I went the long way with all the discounts to be the same price listed on the website!</em> I hate when department stores rank up the prices to make it seem like a good deal.

Anyway, after Kohl`s- I went to Walmart and they had the same style bracelet but the hearts were 2x bigger for like $7-$15 dollars. I was going to ask to see it but my boyfriend said the hearts were too big and ugly.

Overall: Despite the whole "rank up price" thing, I really love my new bracelet. It`s sterling silver and claims to be tarnish free and promises to keep a lasting shine which is nice! =)

Want the same bracelet as me?

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