Stephanie`s Weight Loss Journey!

4 years ago

Okay I am doing this post for the wonderful Miss Lilliana Lopez who requested to know how I was loosing weight.

I wasn`t going to originally post this on Luuux not because I didn`t want to but because to me it was kind of out side of my world of blogging. But after sharing on IG a picture of my workout for the day (P90X) on of my followers asked me to post pictures. Now I started my journey on <strong>January 10, 2012</strong> The first 4 weeks I DID NOT work out. I believe in having a great mind set and understanding of what task I was about to take on. I took a step back and told my self Stephanie you have to start from scratch you need to reteach yourself how to eat! Now I had two children very close together and that took such a toll on my body but my eating habit are what took me so far I had a hard time recognizing myself!

I watched my calorie intake for the first 4 weeks and along the way gave myself little short term goals. #1 was drink water!! Now I have always loved water nothing has ever quenched my thirst but water. Well I noticed I went 4 days with zero water and that is when I knew I was in trouble!! So of course that was my first goal that was on January 10, 2012 today it is April 28, 2012 and I haven`t touched a soda since the beginning. Not clear sodas nada!!! lol The next goal I gave myself was to work out for 10 minutes a day. Easy enough right? Not for someone who was 202lbs! It took me pushing and I made myself do it. Then before I knew it I was doing my favorite Jillian Michaels DVD the 30 day shred! I started at level one and in about a month and a half so I mastered all three levels. So I told myself I had to bump it up another notch. So I picked up the P90X system and I have been doing it ever since. I work out anywhere from 1hr & 18 minutes all the way to 2 hours a day 6 days a week. I follow a mixture of the P90X diet and how I have taught myself to eat.

Now let`s get one thing 100% clear I did this for NO ONE other then myself. I have been called fat (and way worse names) when I was a lot smaller. I am 5`4.1 inches tall (yup my postures way better these days so I gain a bit of height! LOL) 170 on me looks a lot different then someone who`s tall. If I was tall I would be thin. But god did not gift me with height! He gifted me with a lot more and I am blessed with what he did give me. I learned my lesson a long time ago that you never loose weight to appease anyone but yourself. I did that and obviously when you make it about someone else it comes back and then some. I know, I have been there done that (at age 22). I basically malnourished myself to the point where my vision blacked out every now and then! YEAHHH never again!! So I knew the next time I made a change it would be 100% for me and I would do it slowly. When we dive into a diet we only tend to look at the end result and get frustrated when the scale doesn`t say what we want it to fast enough.

<strong>MY TIPS:</strong>

*Best App: Spark People- Helped me track everything from my work outs, food intake, weight, & has a great community!

*Do not weigh in all the time! Seriously you fluctuate so crazy in the beginning of the diet. Some people loose a lot of weight (water weight) in the beginning (around the first month/ month 1/2) The bigger you are the more you will loose!! Then become so disappointed when the next time they step on the scale the weight loss had dropped drastically. I literally took my starting weight and didn`t weigh in again for almost 2 months!!

*Measure yourself- Get a measuring tape!! Track your inches from your neck, chest, midsection, hips, 1 arm & 1 leg (quad & calf). Do it every week to 2 weeks! This is a better way to get a feel for how you are loosing. I gained 17 lbs of muscle! & you have to remember muscle takes up less room then fat! So I am glad I didn`t stare at that scale! LOL So if I hadn`t of gained that muscle my scale would say I was even smaller. But I love having muscles! Not crazy body builder. But toned body and of course biceps! Lol

*EAT!!!- I see so many people who want the quick fix and starve themselves! The minute they go back to eating they gain it all back! YOU MUST EAT to loose weight! Sounds confusing I know but it is 100% true! RULE: Put in less then you put out!!!! You need carbs. They are for sustained energy (perfect before workouts!) then you eat a protein afterwards! My rule is I focus my carbs in the beginning of the day before I work out! **Please pick a diet that you can maintain! If you pick something just for results you will FAIL and will be back on this journey AGAIN in no time! Yo Yo dieting is so bad for your heart! Your health is not worth temporary results!

*Water- I make sure I drink 8-10 glasses of water a day! I have a bottle that measures my ounces! I take it with me everywhere! Lol

*Day off- When working out hard you must give your body a day to rest! You can literally overwork your body! Causing yourself to plateau sooner! Keep your workouts different and inconsistent. Muscle confusion can be your best friend when working out!

*Get Rest!- I am not a sleeper! Lol I use to go on 3-4 hours of sleep and sometimes I would go up to 3 days without sleeping. Your body needs to rest! Again something I had to teach myself to do. I get up earlier so I get tired sooner. I have to do this because it`s the only thing that works for me.

*Get creative when cooking- I know how hard it can be to not get bored while dieting. So I always try to mix it up! I love protein, turkey, fish, veggie burgers, carbs, fruits & veggies. One thing I have loved is figuring out ways to make things I use to love just more healthy!

*Take pictures- It really does help to see your progress and keep you motivated!

*Get a support system!- You must have positive people in your life. I have a great bunch of friends both on IG and Luuux and here at home that are so positive and always encourage me!! We even have a FB page!!

*Always Challenge Yourself- When you think you can`t do even one more push up. Breath, pause, remember what you want to see in that mirror and finish!

<strong>I was invited to become a P90X coach for beachbody</strong> just because of how much passion and drive I have. I never expected it and that was never my goal But the fact that I got noticed just for believing in myself made me think I have an even bigger purpose on my journey! To help others!

If you guys have anymore questions feel free to ask or even email me here on luuux!!

Starting weight: 202
Current weight: last weight in 171 lbs 2 weeks ago I don`t weigh in for a few more days!

Blue shirt is current front view picture & also grey shirt is current side view picture!! LAST PICTURE I JUST ADDED FROM 4/30/2012!!

Pictures & Content are mine do not take!

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