Step aside wheaties, this is the breakfast of champions

4 years ago

Ah, cereal. A food item I tend to have an on and off relationship with. There are times where I can eat cereal straight for months and be happy and there are times where the simple thought of cereal makes me want to roll my eyes. I`m currently in the loving borderline obsessed stage with my cereal intake. I have been eating this mixture for the past week for breakfast and if I haven`t had it for breakfast, I have it for a late night "snack".

I tend to be a volume eater and a little measly 3/4c serving of cereal is not going to do anything for me other than make me cranky with hunger in a few hours. So a trick that I`ve learned is to mix one of your favorite cereals with a cereal like Quaker Oats Puffed Wheat/Rice Cereal. The cereal is really plain, has almost no taste and has a relatively good protein/fiber punch. It`s mainly just a filler in my cereals since I don`t eat this by itself since it`d be like eating Styrofoam. ANYWAY! I put one cup of the Quaker Oats Puffed Wheat Cereal in a bowl, along with my cup serving of Honey Kix (I literally gasped when I found them randomly in the store LOL -- yes I LOVE Kix). I then cut up some fresh strawberries in chunks and layer it over the cereal, then pour on my 2/3`s cup skim milk.

It`s such a great breakfast or meal replacement during the day and a relatively filling one. If I was having this around lunch time I`d probably throw a banana into the mix to get some more fiber substance to fill my tummy -- but this is REALLY good. Such a great combo. So good that I`ve got it packaged up already for breakfast tomorrow morning at my desk!

What is your favorite cereal and breakfast item?

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