Step aside Jamba Juice, I got this!

5 years ago

As some of you may have seen in some of my posts lately, but I have been on an INSANE smoothie kick. Seriously, I`ve stocked up the kitchen with essentials I`d need. Powder mixes, fruit, milk, etc. I`m finding having a smoothie later at night is helping me curb my late night cravings. Going to the gym three times a week seriously kicks my appetite up a notch, and it`s not a great thing at midnight peering into the fridge or in cabinets for something to eat.

I make a multitude of different flavored smoothies, all based on what I`m looking for. Lately it`s been peach. So I picked up a bag of frozen peaches (no sugar added!) at the market and have been using those. I also throw in a fresh ripe banana because it plays off the peaches well and it also boosts up the fiber.

My entire smoothie has very little calories in it. Smoothies sold at shops like Jamba Juice tend to be packed with unnecessary calories and sugars, especially in something you`re drinking. You can put anything you want in a smoothie. I use: yogurt (any flavor I wish, but lately it`s been plain vanilla), banana, frozen fruit, dash of cinnamon, 1-2 packets of splenda (but you can use real sugar or organic if that`s what you like), dash of skim milk, water (you need liquid either water or milk to help blend it all up), a splash of vanilla and ice cubes.

If you`re a chocolate fan, try cocoa powder with a banana, some milk and/or yogurt, a little cinnamon, a packet or two of splenda/sugar. If you`re looking for a little bit of added protein, put in a teaspoon or a tablespoon of peanut butter.

Smoothies area great source of getting in fruits (and vegetables if you have a veggie smoothie), calcium and other essential vitamins. But when you`re getting them riddled with juice, sugar and unnecessary calories you have to weigh your options. Now if you`re active, you can add whey protein to it, but check the nutrition label -- some whey can be good for you, while others stats are just plain ridiculous.

Happy Blending!

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