Steel cut Oats for breakfast

5 years ago


Morning Luuuxers!!

Here`s a quick little post on my breakfast this morning. WOW I`m doing a post the same day of??!!?...who da thunk it. LOL. Anyways, since I`m up early I figured I`d share what I had this morning. I have been really trying to force myself to eat breakfast more, since I usually never do and it`s the most important meal of the day. I figured might as well eat healthier too while I`m at it.

Whenever I do have breakfast, I love to get the steel cut oat bowls over at Jamba Juice, but that can be a little pricey to do that everyday. So I tried my hand at making it at home. And OF COURSE, it wasn`t nearly as good. It`s just steel cut oats, agave nectar, bananas with brown sugar sprinkled on top. I think the reason I didn`t like mine as well was the brand of steel cut oats I used. (Quaker oatmeal) And even though I cooked it longer than the ridiculously long amount of time recommended (25 mins) They weren`t as soft. I wish I had used Trader Joe`s brand instead. In the end though, it was good, just not great and it did the job.

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