SteamRollers Deluxe Burrito Review

2 years ago

SteamRoller had an amazing deal today If you go to their West Broadway location, you get a free DeluxeBurrito with your choice of chicken, pulled pork, and beef wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla, spanish rice, pinto beans, jack cheese, lettuce, salsa, garlic yogurt sauce.

I ordered the beef but I think they gave me the pulled pork by mistake I dont mind cow & pig is equally as good to me and they had a lineup out the door :D They were very generous with this wrap, it was filling I think it was 6 inches in length and my fingers couldnt wrap around the circumference of the wrap (side note: people carried a cell phone like the way I carried a wrap in one hand). It tasted good and felt healthy too as it wasnt dripping with oils - their cooking concept is to cook ingredients with steam. One of their ingredients I think the salsa has a bit of spice to it it was an interesting mild kick. Their ingredients werent thoroughly mixed though, so when I first started eating I was chewing on the flavours of rice with the pork, then the rice and beans, and lastly the lettuce and some chopped tomatoes this was refreshing as I had no water and was starting to feel thirsty.

For $8.25, I would get the Deluxe Burrito again but not that often as its pretty expensive

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