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Today I will talk about a multi-faceted, and that surely must have already heard or seen on other blogs. I speak of nourishing cream, STEAMCREAM .
SteamCream is crafted in Japan and the United Kingdom, on the basis of natural ingredients and without preservatives.

This brand presents us with the latest concept of skin: This product can be used on the face, body and hands. The craft method used in making this product is that the cream is smooth and light and to provide enough moisture for a long period of time.
The cans, environmentally friendly, are adorned with various appealing designs and limited edition, inviting us to reuse the containers for other purposes.
This whole concept has earned the STEAMCREAM several awards: CEW Award, Award for Best New Everyday Skincare and Pure Beauty Award for Best Packaging & Design, among others ...

Ethical issues:

Use materials that are produced in a sustainable manner;
Definition of a cream that can be used in face, body and hand, thus reducing the number of products that need;
The SteamCream is approved by the Vegan Society, so all the raw materials are high quality and vegan;
In making the product is used the minimum amount of preservatives in order to preserve the natural balance of the skin;
Recyclable and reusable;
Politics, admirable, rigorous testing of anti-animal. The brand is very selective about their suppliers and purchase only those who respect the environment, animals and people;

My Notes:

I received the Deborah , was inspired by a famous blonde, rebellious and sexy. Honestly I loved the tin because I identified with the logo design;
Behind 75 g of product and cost £ 12.95 ( 16.50);
The cream is very fluid which allows an easy spreadability on the skin and rapid absorption;
I often use the product in the legs and feet, and beyond the feeling of freshness that I feel, the skin is very soft and hydrated;
As the product is lightweight and fluid does not take much to apply the same amount, which causes the cream to last a long time;
The only drawback is the smell, which I personally do not think very nice

When my tin can have no more cream, surely that will reuse to store jewelry, for example.

text and pictures are mine#

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