Stealing from target )

4 years ago

no, i did not actually steal anything. all four bottles were paid for! but i did get really lucky and snag myself a great deal thanks to a somewhat oblivious cashier and awesome coupons :)

i went to target with some haircare coupons. stuff you can stock up on and it won`t go bad, plus i have a lot of hair and i go through shampoo and conditioner rather quickly. i had a coupon for buy one get one free head and shoulders (MY FAVORITE SHAMPOO!! i don`t have insane dandruff or anything, but i do like how it makes my scalp feel healthier afterwards.) and store/manufacturer coupons for herbal essences.

sooooo i grabbed two bottles of head and shoulders smooth & silky. they were about $5 apiece and with the coupon they would be $2.50 apiece. not bad!

i also grabbed 2 bottles of herbal essences hello hydration conditioner, which is another favorite of mine. i used up a bottle a few months ago, and this was a nice time to restock. HE is 2 for $5 this week at target, and i had a $1 off manufacturers and $1 off store coupon. basically it came down to 2 for $3. again, not bad!

okay, so the steal part of the post comes in: i go to check out and the cashier takes my buy one get one free coupon and deducts $9.49. WHAT?! that`s the maximum value the coupon was worth. she should have deducted whatever the cost of one bottle was but i don`t know what she was thinking. it happened so fast and i was so excited i didn`t say anything. does that make me a crummy person? i took this as good karma because last time i went to target and had a crapload of coupons, my cashier was really crabby and didn`t end up scanning 3 of them.

basically, i ended up paying almost nothing for the two bottles of head and shoulders and just the $3 for the two herbal essences conditioners and tax and that was all.

and that was the tale of the day annie felt like she stole something from a store for the first time.

have you ever had a similar experience? would you have told the cashier she made a mistake?

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