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Hey luuuxers, so i was posting this the other day and then luuux didn`t upload it so i got mad so i didn`t redo it but now i`m in the mood to so here is one of the things that i cooked..
i was really craving for some steak so me and my boyfriend went to the store and we got some steak. &nd i watched a ton of videos on how to cook steak and really this is my first time making the perfect steak ever and i was very happy (:

what i did:

i marinated my steak in olive oil with black pepper, dried pepper, and salt in a zip lock bag for about 30min-1hr.

after that i heat up a pan, or whatever that you have until it`s hot.

i then put my steak in there and let it sit for about 2-6 min but make sure to not touch it. it`s okay to not flip it a lot. and repeat that for the next side

after cooking it let it sit for 10-20min so it would be juicy.
btw this is medium rare and if you want fully cook just add more minutes to it whenn your cooking it and if you want it rare just let it sit for maybe 2-5 min.

after then you can dig in

first picture shows my bf`s steak that he just put in the oven and it`s really dry the second shows how i cooked my steak in a non-stick pan and the third one shows how i sliced the meat and how the inside looks (photo is mine)

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