Staying Stress Free for School

4 years ago

Hey guys!

I wasn`t quite sure where to post this topic, but I figured less stress = less breakouts! So being a student I totally get how most days you`re totally stressed out and even on the weekends you might be over worked, and yes still stressed! It`s super important to let yourself relax and let yourself relax too, stress is not good for the body! Not only does it help you physically, and emotionally, it also like I said above can help with skin problems, so relaxing is the way to go. Here are some tips below:

1. Indulge - Allow yourself a chocolate bar, a bowl of ice cream or whatever you want to eat. Now, I`m not saying to indulge ALL THE TIME, but seriously allow yourself to indulge in something it wants every once in a while.

2. Take a Break - Honestly no matter how much work you may have you have to let your body rest! Now by break I don`t when you go to sleep at night I mean in the middle of the day afternoon whatever, take 10 minutes for yourself, watch a funny video indulge a little, what ever you want! Just let yourself have a break for a few minutes.

3. Prioritize - Sometimes we bite off way more then we can control, we`re human it`s okay to quit a club or get a bad grade. Just make sure to think about your schedule if you have absolutely 0 me time it might be time to let something go.

4. Organize - Seriously! Staying organized will help keep you stress free, it helps you know where you are in your day what you have left to do and it`ll just help you keep up with your day.

5. Coping - Find a creative output, go for a run something to help you relieve you of your stress. Join a club that`s fun and easy or even take a class where you do nothing or run a couple miles everyday. Whatever it is just make sure you`re happy doing it and it helps relieve you of some of your stress!

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