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5 years ago

Ola my luuux friends!!

So every other day I have work for 10 hours, and 10 hours of work is very well deserved for an amazing coffee. I need coffee that will allow me to be awake the whole day && be tentative . I have been drinking this Starbucks VIA Ready Brew for awhile now. I tried this as soon as they came out with them. I think they are such an amazing invention ... hehehe.

So these VIA ready brew come in 6 single-served packets. How convenient is that? They are lightly sweetened and is made from 100% Arabica beans. At my local grocery store they are about $6-7 per pack; which, again, comes with 6 single packets ready for you to put into any hot water. I think $6-7 is not bad at all. When I order my regular Caramel espresso @ starbucks it runs me about $3-5. So0o these little ready brew packets saves me a lot of money. I say this because when I order my espresso at Starbucks it lasts me about 8 hours of alertness, hehehe, and these single packets work the same way, even longer.

So every morning at work I do get their coffee that they serve but they suck .... so0o what I do is just add this bad boy into the mix and BAM i`m up all day ready for anything. && get this ... as soon as I add this ready brew into the suckie coffee @ work you automatically get this amazing smell of freshly brewed coffee. && in my case it smells like freshly brewed CARAMEL coffee.

Why I LOVE THIS so0o much ...
- It is fast to make.
- It is so0o0o0o flavorful.
- It gets me the energy that I need all day.
- It is affordable and will save ya tones of cash.
- Did I mention they are convenient.
- They come in plenty of other AMAZING flavors.

Love it, Love it, Love it. You guys should get yours and try it out. Thank you ALL for stopping by.

*Picture belongs to me*
These are my own thoughts and I got all my info. on my box of 6 packets of VIA ready brew from Starbucks


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