Starbucks Run~

4 years ago

YUM<3 I am kind of noobie to luuux but I`ll try my best ;D
My friends and I went to Starbucks after school because it was such a stressful week since it was finals week!!! Also, Starbucks had sale where all the fraps were half off!!! Unfortunately, it ended :(

I ended up getting a white chocolate mocha frap with whip cream on top ^^ (Its the one marked: Sarah. It doesn`t look like white chocolate huh? ><) it tastes super yummy <3 You could get other drinks at Starbucks too like the hot chocolate or ice-blended mocha fraps (also my favs :) I also discovered one of the Starbucks near me had a drive through ._. I was so tempted to get a bike and go through the drive through. That would`ve been so fun, but they might say to go to the front ;^;

my friends got other drinks but in my opinion I like mine better :O (sorry but I don`t know what they are) Have a nice day! Don`t forget to smile!!! OH AND COFFEE STUNTS YOUR GROWTH!!! That`s why I`ll always be 5`2... :D

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