Starbucks Run - Tazo Shaken Iced Passion Tea

4 years ago

I don`t drink from Starbucks much because:
1. I don`t drink coffee
2. It`s pretty over-priced
3. When I was in university, there was a Starbucks in the library and everyone would line up pretending to be posh by drinking $5 lattes taking up space and not doing much.

Anyways, my prejudice aside, sometimes I go to Starbucks because I`m actually okay with their frappes and tazo iced teas.

When I was on a diet, this was my favorite drink as I was able to tailor it to 20-60 calories only, depending on the size. It was delicious, it got me through the day and it was cheap. For a venti, this costs less than $3 with tax included.

I usually ask them to use the regular Tazo Iced Passion Tea without the lemonade. Then I ask them to add only 2 pumps of sugar to a grande or 3 pumps to a venti.

Each pump of syrup is 20 calories. So for the grande, with 2 pumps of sugar, which is all you really need, it`s 40 calories and for a venti, that would be 60 calories per 3 pumps.

Take into consideration that usually 4 pumps go into grande and 6 pumps in a venti. You shave off half the calories off an already calorie-reduced drink.

Compare that with a tall Latte for 100 calories.

Which would you drink?

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