Starbucks Refreshers

4 years ago

*my photo* Have any of you seen this at your local Starbucks? Actually, I wonder if they`re sold at grocery stores .. haha. Anyways! When I went to Alice Radio`s Summerthing concert in San Francisco over a month ago, Starbucks had a booth and had samples of these. I guess it was kind of like a revealing of their new "energy drink." Or that`s what the girls at the booth advertised it as - at least that`s what I remember.

This is actually a really interesting drink to me! It`s an all natural "green" energy drink. Energy drinks don`t work for me but my friend said she drank it and it totally woke her up. Did it work or was it the placebo effect?! haha. It`s a sparkling beverage so you have that tingly almost caffeine like sensation which I HATE. LOL. That`s why I can`t drink soda - I gave it up a long time ago but if I take a sip, the caffeinated sensation grosses me out. x) Oh! It`s a green coffee extract haha. It says it right on the can.. Duh.

My flavor was strawberry lemonade but I don`t recall it tasting like lemonade. It tasted more like strawberry. I know there was a melon flavor (I didn`t like it) and a pomegranate flavor (also disliked that) but it`s all personal preference. Each of my friends liked one or the other and hated one, too lol. If you ever see it, I think you should give it a try! It`s an interesting concept I suppose!

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