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5 years ago

Hi everyone! I recently went to Starbucks to just grab a cup of coffee, but while I was standing in line, I decided to also grab a few of my favourites. See that`s the problem with standing in line at Starbucks, they always have mugs, cups, tea bags, instant coffee, mints, gum, etc. near where you are standing. And I have a bad habit of grabbing one or two things even if I do not need them. The same things goes for Sephora; evil schemes of making you buy things that you do not really need. Anyways, Starbucks has to be my all time favourite coffee shop. But sometimes I also stop by for tea and light snacks. The downside to them is that their goodies are quite expensive. Especially if you are like me and buy 2 Ventis everyday. That is like $11 a day! I swear I hear my wallet cry every time I go there. Not only is Starbucks expensive, my school campus likes to charge even more per a cup! Oh the problems of being a university student!

Anyways on to the haul, here are the things that I picked up:

-Tazo Passion Herbal Infusion Tea. On the tin it says that this teas is "an enchanting blend of hibiscus, papaya, mango and passion fruit essence." On the side of the label (not seen in the picture) has this funny saying: "Tazo Passion is a juicy blend of tart hibiscus, luscious mango and papaya, sweet cinnamon and passion fruit essence. Each sip of this captivating potion is a short, sweet vacation to a tropical land of many blossoming flowers where it is physically impossible to frown, pout or accrue negative karma." I find this description absolutely hilarious. This tin comes with 15 tea bags. Each bag contains full leaf tea with bits of fruit. Passion Tea has to be my favourite tea since I love anything fruity, and it smells wonderful. This tin costs $8.45 CAD while it is $6.95 US. Seriously sucks paying more here in Canada!

-Starbucks Hot Cocoa Peppermint. This is a hot chocolate that is quite popular during the holiday season. On the box it says that it is an "intense dark cocoa blended with cool peppermint." On the side it says (not pictured): "This velvety treat blends intense dark chocolate with cool, refreshing peppermint for a sweet and surprising twist." This box contains 8 packages of hot chocolate. Peppermint is not my favourite drink from Starbucks, but it is still quite lovely to drink on a cold day. Especially since it is still freezing where I live! This box costs around $10 I believe since there is no CAD or US price tag on it like the Tazo tea.

-Starbucks Via Ready Brew Mocha Flavoured Coffee. This is an instant coffee that is "naturally sweetened." On the box it says that it is an "Arabica Instant coffee blend with natural flavours and cane sugar." On the back (not pictured) it says: "Never be without great coffee. Starbucks Via Mocha Flavoured Coffee is a delicious, natural indulgence made from 100% arabica beans, natural flavours, and a touch of cane sugar." This box contains 6 packets of instant coffee. This costs $8.45 CAD and $6.95 US. So it is the same price as the Tazo Passion Tea. This is great to keep in my bag if I need a coffee since it is instant and easy to make. And not to mention, it costs less than buying a cup at Starbucks.

Overall I am quite pleased with my purchase, even if I did not really need these products. But it is nice to treat myself once in a while. I find that Starbucks has an interesting way of describing their products. Most of which is exaggerated to a point where I cannot stop laughing. I think I am going to go off and brew myself a nice cup of Tazo Passion Tea!

Which is your favourite coffee or tea from Starbucks? Do you like Starbucks or do you think it is a waste of money?
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