Starbucks Happy Hour FAIL

4 years ago

everyone`s been going to starbucks happy hour all this week and i finally got the chance to go today. i don`t know, i haven`t been the biggest fan of starbucks for quite a while now and today really reaffirmed that for me.

so i walk in around 3:30 PM with my friend. there aren`t too many people there, which was nice. i ordered a grande java chip light frappuccino and the total came out to $2.12 but i had another 75 cents on a starbucks card, so i only paid a dollar and some change. not bad.

the disappointment was in the drink itself.

my friend also got the same frap but a tall. we think that they made both at the same time and her cup was completely full, but i don`t know if you can tell from the photo above but mine was like AN INCH below the top of the cup. it was obviously not completely filled. UNACCEPTABLE. if you`re going to run this deal, you can`t put out an inferior product. that says a lot (a lot of bad things, that is) about the company! i`m really disappointed in my beverage. my friend has actually already gone three times during the current happy hour promotion and she hasn`t been happy with the quality of her drinks either. she says they were all either too watery and/or too sweet.

as for my drink, there were no java chips either, though my friend noticed an abnormal number in hers.

i don`t think i`ll be going to starbucks anymore in the future unless i have a gift card. i like peet`s and other local places more anyways.

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