Starbucks Frappuccinos - Good or bad?

4 years ago

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I`ve always been a Dunkins` gal myself having grown up in New England, but I definitely love a couple items from Starbucks. Their hot cocoa? Do die for. However, their frappes? I can`t give them a positive rating.

Firstly, I`m not a fan of the whipped cream; I feel like its flavorless and leaves a filmy texture in my mouth.
Secondly, my favorite flavor? It was probably strawberry, but then I found out that they use beetle (as in the bug) as an ingredient in their food. Whether they change back to being vegetarian or not, I`m a little concerned that they don`t exactly tell their vegetarians this. Yes, I could have looked it up, and nobody forced me to buy the drink, but when you think strawberry, you don`t exactly think dead bugs. I don`t want to have to constantly check the Starbucks menu ingredients either when I could just go to Dunkin` Donuts where nearly everything (other than the meat obviously) is vegetarian.

Are you a Starbucks person? How do you feel about their frappuccino`s/non vegetarian tendencies? Have you ever had an issue with it?

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