Starbucks Evolution Smoothie

2 years ago

The Starbucks inside Safeway was having a sale on their new Evolution Smoothie. They were having a 50% off. I think the last day of the sale is on the 7th of April. I was told that they only sell them in one size which I think is the grande size, not quite sure. They have 3 flavors which are strawberry, sweet greens and mango carrot. I heard that you can request protein powder or kale in it too but I didn`t opt to add that into my drink. I ordered the strawberry one though. The original price for this drink is $5.95 and so for half off, it comes to around $2.98.
So what do I think of their new Evolution drink. I think it`s okay. Not something I would pay full price for. $6.95 for that size drink in my opinion is kinda pricey. And when the barista made it, I don`t think I saw her using any real fruit like you usually see when you get your smoothies from other places like Jamba juice. Even back when I was in college when I had ordered smoothies from the stands in my college, they used real fruit. My husband said that he didn`t like it either, said something about it tasting a bit powdery. And even for half price, I don`t think it`s worth it. For about 50 cents more or so, I could go into McDonalds and get their smoothie instead which is bigger than the Starbucks ones. I`m not sure if McDonalds use real fruit or not, but for the price I`d go with McDonalds and I think theirs taste better too. So I stick with only going to Starbucks for my frappe and iced coffee fix.
Have you tried this and what do you think?

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