Starbucks Caramel Frapp! Btw, The Name Is Penny! :D

5 years ago

Last Sunday that just passed it was Mardi Gras weekend! Of course I took part attending the event. :)

While we were waiting for the parade to start my sister and I walked across the street to get Starbucks. I had to get my fix so I told her to get me a Caramel Frapp while I go use the restroom. While I get in line waiting for my turn the employee asked if I had a receipt. I told her no, but my sister is in line. She said I needed one to use their restroom. I didn`t want to waste time arguing so I got out of the line.

Starbucks isn`t really like this, but I do understand. The parade was happening in front of the store. They feel as if customers will use their bathroom and don`t buy anything! True, but my sister was in line. -_-

After I got my receipt I went to go show the employee, but he wasn`t guarding the door. Come to find out a pregnant lady didn`t even show her receipt. She went straight in and he didn`t say anything! Wtfrench toast. Lol. I showed him my receipt and he offered my the guys bathroom. I told hell no I`m not going in there. You must be crazy! Haha He had the nerve to ask me. Gross!

Sorry about the long post! :) Call me crazy, but it was freaking cold outside! It didn`t stop me from drinking my favorite drink! Puhaha Oh yeah! My sister name is Penny not Peggy. Lmao!

The drink was amazing as always! Gotta love me some whip cream! :)

1. What is your favorite Starbucks drink?
2. What do you recommend that`s cold?

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