Star Wars: X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter

4 years ago

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Here comes another game review, and still more Star Wars games! The one I`m reviewing now is called Star Wars: X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter and it`s the 3rd installment of the X-Wing Series. Released in 1997, you can play either as a Rebel Pilot or an Imperial pilot as you fight against your rivals side to see who can finally take control of the Galaxy. (not much of a story I know).

The game play is nearly identical to that of X-Wing and TIE Fighter, although it got a big boost in controls. The stickiness that had been there in the other 2 games was finally gone and the controls were finally very smooth to handle. The sounds were taken directly from the Lucas Arts sound bank the the game FINALLY got a decent soundtrack. Despite this the lack of a storyline made many fans of the series upset. Including myself. Graphics got a huge boost though. A more refined 3D interface, better ship textures, and a more responsive graphics adaptation minimized the blurring effect cause by the poor quality effects from the other 2 games. And just like the other 2 games this game also received a couple of expansion packs. One that addressed the lack of a story line by adding one in. The expansion packs also expanded the number of levels and ships you could fly with/against. However the best news by far with this game is that Lucas Arts recently announced that the game might get a complete re-make, although very little more news about it has been made. The Lucas Arts webpage however still says that a remake is still possible.

All in all the game is a great improvement to the previous 2 games. And even though there was no story line to the game (at 1st) the levels, the battle sequences, and graphics with the sounds and soundtrack make this game a great and fun game to play. So yes once again I do recommend this game to any Star Wars fan.

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