Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance

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Here comes another game review from me! And once again it is a Star Wars game. This one is called Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance. Released in 1999 on the PC you play as the protagonist Ace Azzameen, the youngest member of a Cargo Transport Family Business as he joins up with the Rebel Alliance against the Empire and an evil rival cargo conglomerate called the Viraxo. In the game you assist several of the series main characters like Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Dash Rendar.

The game play is rather fun and simple to play (albeit it one major flaw which I`ll get to later). Using a joystick (since the game requires it) you can pilot both a ship and man gun turrets. The controls seem a little slow at 1st but you soon find out that`s an asset becasue any faster and the screen tends to blur. Several of the features form the Rogue Squadron game show up here, such and completing levels with different metal rankings. Graphics were very good for this time and many fans and critics praised it for having such great detail to ships and various other space craft. The sound however tended to be a little static like and obsolete by this time. However inflight voice overs and and inflight dialog between characters was a new feature for Star Wars Games. The sound track was strait from the movies but had no original songs of its own. The game also featured a multilayer feature that you could either hook up multiple computers together or play online (though the servers for online play have LONG since been taken down). There was also a simulation room in game that allowed you to play in and against any fighter or freighter that you had played against already in game. One down side to the game that got a lot of complaints was you had to slow down to make sharp turns. Many fans hated this as it took away from being able to pilot your craft and pay attention to what was going on outside at the same time. This downside made it an awkward and sometimes very difficult problem to get around, especially in the harder levels later on.

All in the all The game is rather fun IF you can get around that throttle control issue. I have this game and have spent many hours playing it. A big Star Wars Fan needs to play it just see how difficult space combat can really be! So yes I so recommend it.

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