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Here comes another game review! And more Star Wars goodness! This game is called Star Wars: TIE Fighter and is the 2nd game of the X-Wing series. Released back in 1994, you take the role as the protagonist Maarek Stele as he serves the Empire in keeping order and "peace" in the galaxy. You start off just after the Batter of Hoth and eventually end up during the Battle of Endor.

The game play is very similar to X-Wing`s with nearly identical controls. So yes the controls are a little sticky but given the time it was released in it had very good controls. Even though this game was also released on 3.5 floppies the people at Lucas Arts managed to bump the graphics somewhat. The sounds also got a bit of a boost. The Soundtrack however remained a little weak. Just like with X-Wing`s levels, this game got 4 main story levels with 7 sub-levels per main level. In the game you get to use many fighters an gunships from the Empire from the simple TIE Fighter all the way to the extremely advanced TIE Defender. And just like with X-Wing the game received several expansion packs over the next few years that expanded the levels and ships to use. And in 1999 it got a special edition re-released that upgraded the graphics sounds and soundtrack. But there was still no voice dialogue in the game.

All in all this game, though I`ve only played it a few times, is as good as X-Wing. It`s very similar in just about every way, but like with X-Wing you have to manage your power levels in your fighter. Which can get very frustrating. But it still makes for a fun experience. Any Star Wars fan has to play it. So I do recommend it yes.
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