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4 years ago

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For all of you Star Wars fans out there who own a PSP I have a nice recommendation for you. Star Wars the Force Unleashed for the PSP. The game is a PSP handheld version of the game that was released for the PS3 and X-Box 360 back in September of 2008. The PSP version`s release was also around the same time and featured nearly the same story line. However the PSP version had added in all new area and characters not seen on the bigger console games. The levels and controls are rather linear and are easier to control than the bigger console versions, but the graphics are a lot less sophisticated. Which is to bee expected since it is a handheld version. In the game you play as the protagonist, Darth Vader`s secret apprentice, Starkiller, as he sends you on "errands" to kill Jedi and foster a new rebel alliance to attack and distract the Empire so they can both kill the emperor. The game story is very good and got a lot of praise from game reviews for it, however its simple hack and slash game play garnered more criticism.

Even though the PSP version has a more basic layout and game play then the bigger console game versions, I liked it as a handheld version. Seeing many different aspects from the story from the Handheld version let`s you see more of the story from the bigger console versions. I do recommend the game if you are a Star Wars fan. Even if the game play seems the little off, the story is rather good and is enough to keep you hooked to keep playing it.

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