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Here comes another Game Review. AND GUESS WHAT!!!!????? It`s my last Star Wars game review as I have not played anymore Star Wars games past this one. This one is called Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Arcade. Released all the way back in 1985 you once again play as Luke Skywalker in the 1st half of the Game during the Battle of Hoth. The second half of the game has you as play Han Solo in the Millennium Falcon as you try and escape TIE Fighters and navigate through the asteroid belt to escape the Hoth system.

The game play`s controls are identical to that of the 1st arcade game; simple point and shoot and dodge. The game was actually the 3rd arcade game since the Jedi Arcade game came out the year before. Graphics are once again simple 8-bit, although a little more refined since you`re fighting on a planet for half the game and not in space. Sounds and the soundtrack are also very simple for the day. There is still some voice dialogue but again not much. Sadly this game didn`t sell as well at the 1st game did. Which is a shame. There are 4 main levels to the game. The 2st two are dedicated to hunting probe droids and then battling AT-ATs. The 2nd 2 are devoted to battling through a swarm of TIE Fighters and then navigating through an asteroid field. Each time the game was successfully completed the game would reset with increased difficulty until it became too hard to complete. Once again I have not played the original arcade game from pic above, but I have played this game as a bonus unlockable from the Game Cube Game "Star Wars Rogue Squadron 3: Rebel Strike" which is also unlockable from either cheat codes or earning a certain a number of medals.

All in all this is another game that was well made for the mid 80`s. The only best way to play this game today is unlocking it from Star Wars Rogue Squadron 3: Rebel Strike. And I still do recommend it for any Star Wars fan looking to play a game from a long ago video gaming era!

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