Star Wars: The Clone Wars

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You want more game reviews? Then I`ll give you more game reviews! And it`s another Star Wars Game! This one is called Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Released in 2002 just after the Episode II movie, the game has you take the role of several of the Jedi form the movie Including Anikin Skywalker, Obi Wan, and Mace Windu as they fight Separatist forces early into the Clone Wars. You (the player) have to go through the game and try and stop Count Dooku from resurrecting an ancient Sith Weapon that noone has been able to beat.

The game play`s controls are very well thought out and are very responsive, which is a plus since you`ll have to be facing dozens of enemies at any one time. The graphics are spectacular; as a battle unfolds around you, you can see everything from fighters and gunships in the air, down to small dust clouds being kicked up with the vehicle you`re in. Sounds are taken strait from the movies and are clear as a bell and the soundtrack is also taken from the movie and there`s even a couple of songs in there made for this game itself. In the game you control several different vehicles that are from the movies and even a few that are not seen. You can control Gunships and AT-XTs, but also control a Jedi Tank and a Clone Walker (not seen until the Episode III movie). There several vehicles on the Separatists side that were never seen in the movies either including the Artillery tank (AKA hellfire tank), and the massive Techno Union Gunship. The only downside to the game is when you have to get out of your vehicle and battle on foot your character`s running motion was rather lame and unemotional along with his battling moves, and you don`t even get many attacks besides hack and slash, saber throw, and force push. Other than the walking battling the rest of the game is absolutely amazing! The story is very enthralling and will keep you hooked as you`ll want to know what will happen next even if the game play doesn`t keep you hooked, which is very doubtful.

All in all this game is very superb. There`s not many other Star Wars games out there that allows you to use such a varied amount of vehicles from the Clone Wars. Except maybe the Battlefront games. But still this is one heck of the game and I recommend ANY Star Wars fan needs to play it!

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