Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader

4 years ago

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Here comes another Game review! And yes another Star Wars Game is headed your way! This one is called Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader. Released in 2001 for the Nintendo Game Cube, this RS game follows both Luke Skywalker and Wedge Antilles as they both lead Rouge Squadron into various battle across the Galaxy, Including Yavin IV, Hoth, Bespin, Kothlis, and Endor! The Story of the game tells you of their adventures between and during the Movies themselves.

The Game play is once again excellently put together allowing the controls to be highly responsive. Graphics for the game got a lot of praise from fans the critics alike calling it one of the best flight games ever created for the 3rd generation systems. The sounds from the game were again taken directly from the Lucas Arts sound bank but this time with no change. This allowed for an even more immerse gaming experience that got high praise. And I once again completely agree. The soundtrack was also taken directly from the Movies and this time added in a new song called the Rogue Squadron Theme. This game sported even more unlockables then the 1st RS game did keeping several of the unloackable ships from the 1st game and adding in a couple of more including the Slave 1, the TIE Fighter, and Darth Vader`s TIE Fighter Advance (from Episode IV). It also had several unlockable levels that allowed you to play as Darth Vader and Han Solo in their respected ships. These unlockables were available after completing the game via Metal ranks, Bronze, Silver, and Gold, and Ace. Ace level was only unlocked after you had won all the levels on Gold. The only ships that were not unlockable via metals were the Naboo Star Fighter and the 1969 Buick. These were only available via cheat code. This time the pause freeze with the Buick was fixed from the last RS game. Though this time the Naboo Starfighter got some downgrades from the 1st game, which upset many fans.

All in all Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader was and still is one awesome Star Wars game and any fan of Star Wars HAS to play it. With amazing graphics, sounds, a terrific story line, and a great soundtrack to boot, this game will keep you coming back to it again and again! And yes I highly recommend it!

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