Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

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Here comes another Game review from me! And yes more Star Wars Games! This is probably my absolute favorite aerial combat Star Wars game, Star Wars: Rogue Squadron. Released in 1998 and 1999 on the PC and Nintendo 64 respectively, this game puts you in the role of Luke Skywalker as he commands the famous Rogue Squadron. In the game you attack and destroy various Imperial Installations, free fellow rebels from prisons, Protect Rebel bases, allies, and supply lines, and go on a couple of daring rescue missions. Along the way you meet up with an Imperial Defector and she goes on to play a vital role in disrupting and hitting vital Imperial outposts and bases.

The game play`s controls are extremely well thought out and are very responsive. Graphics were very good in regular basic mode, but added with the N64 Expansion pack the resolution went from 320 × 240 to a spectacular 640 × 480; a treat not many N64 games got. Sound effects for the game were taken from the Lucas Arts sound bank, (albeit simplified due to space reasons in the cartridge) however fans and critics loved them and said that were very immerse. The soundtrack was taken directly from the movies as well and rounded out one of the best gaming experiences ever to be had on the N64. And I completely agree. The game also sported many unlockables including Ships, and extra levels. All of them were unloackable by earning Metals, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Although a couple of them were only available via cheat code. This including unlocking the Naboo Starfighter and the 1969 Cadillac. Though be careful with the Cadie, pause the game at the wrong time with it and you freeze the game. It`s happened to me on more than one occasion. The game also has in game voice acting, which was a rarity for the N64 becasue it would take up a lot of space on the limited Cartridge, but Factor 5 and Lucas Arts did a great job of being able to squeeze it all in there.

All in All this game is one of the BEST Star Wars Games ever made. And it ranks very high on my list too. Any Star Wars fan NEEDS to play this game before they die. The great story line, incredible game play, graphics and sounds will keep you playing over and over again. And yes I do HIGHLY recommend it!

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