Star Wars: Republic Commando

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Next up on games I recommend is one of my all time favorite Star Wars games ever! Star Wars: Republic Commando! Released in 2005 for both the X-Box and PC, Star Wars: Republic Commando is a 1st person shooter which follows the exploits of Delta Squad, an elite team of special Ops clone soldiers, as the fight against Separatist forces. Both versions are the same in which you play in 3 different worlds. Geonosis during the 1st battle of the war, the RAS Prosecutor, and on Kashyyyk before and during the final battle of the war. Each mission is more dangerous and difficult than the last. By giving the correct command to your team and fighting hard and smart your able to complete the game. The game has high quality graphics and sounds, higher than most shooter games for the X-Box and it`s pretty good on the PC as well. But most impressive is the awesome sound track composed by Jesse Harlin, which not only reference the original Star wars songs, but also add in more gritty and high paced themes. The different weapons through the game are spectacular and you can even pick up an enemy or alley`s weapon and use it. My favorite being the Wookie Rocket Launcher! The only little problems to the game are that the AI can be a little... stupid sometimes, especially the Droids and the Campaign is short; you can finish it within 2 days. Also the online Multi-player is a little dull although it allows up to 32 players at once! The X-Box servers for the game have since been taken down but the PC`s servers are still open. This game is somewhat customizable. You can customize your multi-player`s armor and such and there are modded levels available. I have yet to play any of these modded levels but I`ve heard some of them are very fun.

So all in all this game is excellent! Any Star Wars fan HAS to play it! This game is good enough as a 1st person Shooter, but since it takes place in the Star Wars world and actually follows real clone soldiers` exploits instead of Jedi or main characters, this game makes for a very unique and fun experience. So I highly recommend it! I promise you you`ll have loads of fun!

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