Star Wars: Rebel Assault II: The Hidden Empire

4 years ago

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More of the same old game reviews from me and yet another Star Wars game. This one is called Star Wars: Rebel Assault II: The Hidden Empire. Released in 1995 as a squeal to the 1st Rebel Assault, you once again take the role of Rookie One as he discovers a new type of TIE being developed by the Empire. You are sent on various missions to hunt down the facility that it`s being developed at and destroy it along with the man responsible for its development.

The game play`s controls are nearly identical to the 1st one except for a few added camera tweaks. The graphics are once again a mix of pre-rendered live footage and 3D interface with the transition between the actions smoothed out from the 1st game. And once again the sound quality and soundtrack are very well done for the time. And like the 1st game your craft is not controlled by you but follows a predetermined path where you must aim the aiming reticle and shoot your weapons that way. It still takes some getting use to for many people. There are 3 different endings to this game depending on the level of difficulty you complete it in. This time there is also live footage cut-scenes in the game with ads to the realism and fans loved.

All in all the game was a very good improvement to the original game. With the cleaned up graphics and interface transactions, along with the great story and sound and soundtrack this game will keep you entertained for quite a while. I do recommend it just about any Star Wars fan out there again looking for a not too typical game to play.
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