Star Wars: Rebel Assault

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Here comes another game review headed your way! And yes it`s still another Star Wars game. This one is called Star Wars: Rebel Assault. Released all the way back in 1993, the game is an alternate retelling of the 1st 2 movies (sort of). You play as the protagonist Rookie One as you join up with the Rebellion and basically take the role over from Luke. The Role of Luke and Han are taken over by Rookie One and his friend, an A-Wing test pilot, Commander Jake Farrel.

The game play`s controls are hard to get use too actually. And it`ll take you some time before you can get use to them. Graphics for the day were actually pretty good. Combining live footage form the films and a primitive 3D interface it made for a unique experience. And since this was the 1st Star Wars game to be put on a CD-ROM the sounds were very good along with the soundtrack. There is also some talking Dialogue in the game, which was also a first for Star Wars games too. Unlike most other SW games this one did not allow you to control your craft during flight as it was set to a predetermined course, instead you had to move the aiming reticle around to aim and shot.

All in all the game makes for a unique experience. It takes a while to get use to having to aim your weapons instead of piloting the craft yourself and aiming that way. Despite this draw back (though some people say they like it) the game is quite fun. I do recommend it to any Star Wars fans looking for a non typical Game to play.
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