Star Wars Racer Revenge

4 years ago

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Another game review from me! Another Star Wars game that is called Star Wars Racer Revenge. It was released on the PS2 only in 2002. The game itself takes place 8 years after Episode 1 where you play as Subulba who wants revenge on Anikin Skywalker for his humiliating defeat on Tatooine.

The game play`s controls are different form the N64 versions for obvious reasons that this was for the PS2. So it takes a little getting use to. You have a total of 13 tracks to race on and complete. In each race you have a certain number of other pod racers you have to wreck in order to fully complete the track. However unlike the N64 version if you crash once, the race if over for you and you lose the race. As you race as Subula your racer gets upgrades that allows it to become even deadlier on the track, but this also means that your opponints also get upgrades to their pods that make them more difficult to wreck. The game also has unlockables including Subulba`s old Pod racer, young Anikin`s pod racer and even Darth Maul has a pod racer to unlock! There are 3 game modes to the game. Single event, Race on any track that you have unlocked. Vs race, race against up to 4 of your friends. And Tournament, basically carrier mode where you race on the 13 tracks to unlock them and get unlockables and upgrades to your pod. The graphics are much better and have gotten an upgrade from the N64 graphics. The sounds are also much more cleaner and the soundtrack is taken directly from episodes 1 and 2. The game`s AI are also incredibly tough to deal with, making this a harder Star Wars game to beat them most others. So keep your wits about you as you play it.

I`ve only played this game once (rented it) But I can tell you it is a very tough game to get through. You can bet you`ll be very frustrated at several points. I was. But the rewarding feeling of over coming such hard levels is very sweet. So anyone who likes a very challenging racing game will have it with this one and I highly recommend too.

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