Star Wars: Knights of the Old republic.

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For all your Star Wars fans out there I have a nice little game recommendation for you. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Released back in 2003 for the Original X-Box, the PC, and limited on the Mac, KotOR (as it was nicknamed) is a rare SW role-playing-game From BioWare, the same people who made World of Warcraft. The game itself takes place 4,000 years before the time of Movies in which the the Old Republic and the Jedi are nearing collapse at the hand of Darth Malak and his extremely powerful Sith forces. You play as a protagonist of you own design and name (male or female with several different faces and hairstyles to chose from) who goes from lowly solider to Jedi knight in hopes of defeating Darth Malak. This game is unique in that you can choose which side of the force to go with near the end of the game. Either the light side or the dark side. In the game you gather weapons and friends to help you out on your quest. The graphics for the game are a little so-so along with the game play, but the story line, plot, sound effects, and an awesome soundtrack way more than make up for it. This game is NOT short by any means as it will take you DAYS to complete it. The deep enthralling story is as good as any of the Movies and will amaze you at every point. You also get to visit several planets from the Star Wars world including many famous ones and a few that are KotOR exclusive.

All in all the game is wonderful! It will keep you entertained for days and will never have a dull moment. So I highly recommend it for anyone who is a Star Wars fan.

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