Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II

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More game recomendations from me! Another game for all you Star Wars fans out there is a classic. Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II. The squeal to the 1995 game, Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II was released in 1997 and got an overhaul from it`s original DOOM game engine. This Star Wars game is a 1st person shooter that revolves around the main Protagonist "Kyle Katarn" as he searches for the man responsible for the murder of his father, with the help of his pilot friend Jan Ors and his trust family droid WeeGee. He eventually finds his connection to the force and eventually tracks down, fights and kills the man responsible for his father`s murder before he and his minions can take over a place called the Valley of the Jedi.

This is a very fun and deep storied game I have spent many hours playing over and over again. It`s part 1st person Shooter part puzzle game that takes place 1 year after "Return of the Jedi." The game sported many different weapons to chose from, from the Star Wars world, many of which were never seen in the movies. The familiar Light Saber, hand blaster and Storm Trooper blaster riffle where there, along with Mines, a blaster machine gun, a rocket launcher, and a pulse plasma cannon! Like other Star Wars games that revolved around a Jedi you could either choose between the light side and the dark side. Depending on how you played the game would choose which side you went over to. Along with the well made gameplay was the deep and enthralling story. This game used full motion video cut-scenes to tell the story in between the levels, meaning actual actors were used during the cut-scenes. These cut-scenes gave for a truly more alive feel to the game which set it above a lot of other games during this time. The sound track was all regular Star Wars Music so all the songs were famailar. The sound effects were terrific and actually used many of the sound effects found in the movies themselves. So that also gave it more realism.

All in all this is a GREAT 1st person shooter Star Wars game for anyone looking for an older game to play. I highly recommend it!

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