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Yet still more game reviews! And still yet another Star Wars Game. This one is called Star Wars Galaxies. This was a rather unique game among Star Wars Games. It is an MMORPG. Released in 2003, the game allows you to create you own character from a number of races from the Star Wars world. From Humans, to Wookies, to Rodian, to Twilek, and several more. You could choose to be neutral in the war or be on either side for the Empire or Rebellion. As with most MMORPGs there are a number of worlds to visit and quests to be run.

The game play`s controls are similar to most other MMORPG`s. You can create guilds, have access to play guides and such, and can even chose a set of traits to follow such as from being a bounty hunter, to an artisan. In the game you can create/make you own cloths, tools, weapons, armor, food and other varied articles and materials. As with most MMORPGs there is a line of currency, in this case Credits. As you complete quests and sell off items you earn Credits to buy various products or bribes. Eventually you can buy your own ship! The game started out with 10 worlds including Naboo, Dantooine, Tatooine, Yavin Vi, Endor, and several others. Over the years several expansion packs have added in several new planet worlds, such as Kashyyyk, Ord Matell, and Hoth, and have opened up several space worlds such as space stations and asteroid stations. Most recently however is that the developers of Galaxies has reinstituded the non-profit free to play feature. This allows you to play the game for free after purchase, so no more of that $10-15 a month payment like WoW has. The developers did this to once again make Galaxies a more competitive game after the MMORPG craze died down and many games lost thousands of players. Sounds for the game are very well made since many are from the Star Wars sound effects and the Sountrack to the game are the typical Star Wars songs from the movies and other games.

Now I don`t play MMORGPs all that much but Galaxies is one I have spent plenty of time on. And even though I myself never really got the hang of the game since I`m no MMORPG aficionado I do highly recommend this game to Star Wars fans who are. This game will keep you occupied for days or even weeks on end due to its sheer size and volume.

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