Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

4 years ago

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More game reviews as usual. And yet even another Star Wars game. This one is called Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace and yes it`s the game based on the movie. Released back in 1999 the game follows the various characters from the movie Including Obi Wan, Qui-Gon Jinn, Queen Amadala, and Captain Panaka as you basically follow the movie`s story line. Although this game does expand on many of the aspects of the movie.

The game play`s controls are as basic as you can get, but hey this is a PS1 and Windows 95/98 game. The game is mostly hack and slash and distant 3rd person shooter. Sadly as such this game has been called on of the worst Star Wars games ever made. Many people called it Tomb Raider with light sabers.... which is a fairly accurate description. The game has you doing basic hacking a slashing of enemies or shooting them up, or using basic force powers (mostly just force push), all the while having to traverse levels in which you have to jump across small chasms, hang from ropes, and jump to and from moving platforms. Graphics are pretty weak, even for a 32bit game. As the game is a distant 3rd person shooter, character details are very basic. Sounds are also dumb downed severely. The soundtrack however is quiet decent though. And there is in-game voice dialogue which does add to the feel of the game more. There is also some decent cut scene animations. So why am I reviewing and recommending a game that sounds bad? Well I`ll tell you. It`s because of the story. Yes it follows the movie`s story line but it expands on many aspects of the movie including ObiWan and Qui-Gon`s escape from the Trade Federation battleship, The Escape from the Naboo capital of Theed, Rescuing Queen Amadala on Coruscant, to The retaking of Theed, and the search for parts on Mos Epsa, and other various parts to the story.

All in All even though this game has some serious drawbacks, I myself liked it. The expanded story plots allows for some great perspective of the movie itself. I do recommend this game to any serious Star Wars fan who can look past a game with some faults and to the parts that matter.

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