Star Wars Episode I: Racer

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Next on my list of video Games I highly recommend is Star Wars Episode I: Racer! This is another game that was released for the Nintendo 64 and for the PC in 1999. There was one for the Game boy color, and Dreamcast, but I`m going to concentrate on the N64 and PC versions.

This game was based off of the pod race from Star Wars Episode 1. You are able top play any character from the movie and a few that weren`t even in the movie. There were up to 24 different tracks you could race at including the one from the Movie being the final track to beat. This was incredibly fun to play. I also spent many hours wasting my youth away with this game. What made this game special to me was that My parents had gotten me the Special edition Star Wars Episode I: Racer Nintendo 64 that came with the game and a special printed N46 Box. I still have that box even today and use it to pack away my N64 when`s it`s not in use. This game combines 2 of my favorite kinds of games. Star Wars games and racing games. Having a great sound track along with great sounds and all this game was very addictive. Although even for the N64 the graphics were a little sub par, but only becasue they had so many tracks added to the game. The PC version of the game did have a small graphics boost but everything else about the two versions of the games were identical. Except for the cheat codes. The PC version did not have cheat codes but the N64 version did. Using a spacial name code you can open up the cheat menu and make your pod invincible, super duper fast, or you could even fast forward to different parts of the track before the race even starts!

All in all even though this game`s graphics are a little sub par, the awesome racing, tracks and sound tracks will keep you hooked for hours on end and I highly recommend it!

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