Star Wars: Dark Forces

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Yet another Game review from me! This one is called Star Wars: Dark Forces and it started the whole Jedi Knight game series. Released back in 1995 and 1996 on the PC and PS1, Dark Forces allows you to play as the protagonist Kyle Katarn several years before he becomes a Jedi, as a mercenary for the fledgeling Rebellion. As Kyle you go on missions to help in the Rebellion`s fight against the Empire, such as finding the plans for the original Death Star (the plans that Princess Leia had during episode IV) and then onto finding and destroying a facility and program that are developing a new kind of Storm Trooper called the Dark Troopers.

The gameplay itself is taken form the original DOOM game engine and plays and looks a lot like the DOOM game but allows for up and down movement of the aiming of your weapon, which is an upgrade from the DOOM engine. Many of the 1st person game aspects of today were implemented and developed for this game. Sounds of the game are pretty weak and many computers of the day had a hard time trying to use these sounds, but those that did got a great experience for the time. The PS1 version that came out a year after the PC version had these sound issues fixed. There is very little sound track to the game but the songs that are there are the ones form the movies themselves. Many of the weapons that are seen in the rest of the Jedi Knight series were developed for the 1st time in this game and continued for the rest of the series. Given that this is an older game and it runs with the DOOM engine the graphics and animations are a little dull by today`s standards, but were very good then.

So If you`re looking for an old fashion 1st person shooter from the early to mid 90`s then Star Wars: Dark Forces is a the game for you. I`ve played it and it has a nice nostalgia feel to it. I do recommend it.

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