Star Wars: Bounty Hunter

4 years ago

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Here comes more game reviews by me! And yet another Star Wars game! This one is called Star Wars: Bounty Hunter! Released in 2002 you take the roll of Bounty Hunter Jango Fett as as he travels across the galaxy tracking down a infamous Drug lord and his supplier. Along the way he joins forces with other bounty hunters while fighting others. This all leads to a dramatic conclusion... oh... but i can`t spoil the ending for you. You`ll have to play it your self ^_^.

The game play controls were actually very unique for a Star Wars game. With Jango Fett, he was most famous for duel welding blasters and he was very proficient with aiming at two targets at once. In the game you have to do this too with his blasters. It takes some getting use to, but if you don`t learn quickly the game can get very difficult. The only downside I found with this game controls is that the camera can face in the wrong direction sometimes and the controls can get repetitive. But I found that I can easily over look this. Sounds effects are taken strait from the Lucas Arts sound back and they are top notch. The soundtrack is also taken from the Movies and there`s even a couple of songs made for the game itself. Along with the usual gaming fun, there`s also several bonus features. These include blooper reals from production and a few funny machinima productions. They are hilarious! >_<. Unfortunately critics of the game didn`t find the game very fun and thus sadly this game suffered in sales. I can`t see why they were so harsh on it. Sure there was a couple of faults but the low scores it got I believe were unfair.

All in all In my opinion this is one heck of a fun game to play. With the unique battling style of Jango Fett at you command and control, it`s sure to keep you entertained for hours. The storyline is also quite enthralling and will keep you hooked from beginning to the surprise ending! I do highly recommend this 3rd person shooter game to any Star Wars fan.

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