Star Wars: Battlefront II

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Yay another Game review! And yep more Star Wars games! The one I`m reviewing now is called Star Wars: Battlefront II. Released in 2005 and 2006 this one actually had a story to it, unlike the 1st game. In the game you play as a lone Clone Trooper and later a Storm Trooper in the famed 501st Legion. You start off in the Battle of Geonosis and play through the entire Clone war and then into the Galactic Civil war through to the Battle of Hoth.

The game play controls are identical to that of Battlefront 1, with a few minor tweaks. The Graphics also got a slight boost allowing for smother animations of warriors, Ships, and ground vehicles. The sounds remained the same with a few teaks here and there to improve the quality. Soundtrack also remained the same. There were three major game features to the game. Campaign, Galactic Conquest, and Instant Action. In Campaign you play as the lone Clone/Storm trooper that I described earlier. In Galactic Conquest you play as one of the 4 armies of the SW world to see who can take over the galaxy. In Instant action you can play as one of the 4 armies in the SW world in a single battle or a list of battles that you can select at the Instant Action menu. The game play is also a little different from the 1st in that unlike you being able to grab just any old vehicle at any part of the battle and use it to your heart`s desire, BFII forces you to use it wisely and for a purpose other than blasting every enemy in sight. If you don`t use it it correctly you could end up losing battle. And unlike the previous Battlefront game you can select one of the hero/villain warriors to play as during a certain battle, but only after a certain accomplishment as been reached. Tragically the games multi-player aspect got reduced to make room for the bigger single player story. Although the servers for both PS2 and PC versions are still running they have never generated the amount of use as the 1st Battlefront has. There was also a PSP version of the game released, however fans and critics hated it for its incomplete controller scheme and leaving out several key aspects of the game that was in the PS2 version. I recommend avoiding the PSP version.

All in all this game is a good improvement on its predecessor and got many great reviews form fans and critics alike, including myself. With a good story, great graphics, terrific sound and soundtracks, this game will keep you busy for hours on end. And yes I do highly recommend it for any Star Wars fan!

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