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More game reviews! And this time it`s a blast form the distant past! Another Star Wars game called Star Wars Arcade! Released all the way back in 1983 you play as Luke Skywalker during the Battle over the Death Star.

The Game play`s controls are as simple as they get. Simply point and shoot while shooting or avoiding TIE Fighters and turrets and their "laser" blasts. Graphics are simple 8-bit graphics. Sounds and the soundtrack are also very simple for the day. However this game did sport voice dialogue (although not much) which what still a big feat in its day. There are 3 main levels to the game. Dogfighting TIE Fighters above the Death Star, Along the surface of the Death Star shooting and avoiding turrets and more TIE Fighters, and finally the Trench Run. After every successful run of all three levels the game`s difficulty would increase until it became to too difficult to beat. Now I myself have NOT played the original Arcade game as seen in pic above. Rather I have played the unlockable bonus game of this game on the Game Cube game "Star Wars Rogue Squadron 3: Rebel Strike" which can be unlocked by a cheat code or by earning a certain number of medals.

All I can say about this game is that it looked to be a great game made for the early 80`s. Now a days the best way to play this game is by unlocking it from Star Wars Rogue Squadron 3: Rebel Strike. I do highly recommend this game to any Star Wars fan looking to play a game from a long ago era.

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