Star Fox: Assault

4 years ago

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Yet another game review HORRAY! This one is called Star Fox: Assault. Released in 2005 for the Nintendo Game Cube, you take up the roll as protagonist Fox Mcloud as you take on a new the threat to the Lylat system, a new alien bug like species called The Aparoids. The Aparoids are hell bent on assimilating all metallic elements to expand and build their ever growing species. You as Fox McCloud must fight on Land, On/in the sea, and in the air and space to try and take down this new evasive threat to all civilization!

The game play`s controls are a little weird at 1st, but can be learned and picked up very quickly. All 3 modes of battle (land, sea, and air) have basically the same layout. The fire button fires your weapon in any mode and such is the same with the rest of the buttons. Graphics were a little simple for the Game Cube at times but at other times it seemed to push the system to its limits with great detail and awesome flight mechanics. And like with Star Fox 64 you had 3 main types of battle play. On the ground, in a 3D landscape to fight and battle in all 3 dimensions, and rail shooting (or in some cases a mixture of the 3). Sound effects for the game were considered some of the best ever heard in the Star Fox series, adding in so many new sounds and giving older ones a huge updating, all for the sake of trying to make this game one of the most fun Star Fox games ever. The soundtrack to the game also got many great reviews. Several of the older songs from the older games make returns with revamps of the songs, and quite a many new songs also were made for this game, adding to the higher quality that the game was going for. The story of the game was rather simple, but did have a few plot twists put in there to keep things interesting. The game itself will take you a few days to complete it, but I can guarantee you`ll have one heck of an exciting time getting though it. There was just one flaw in the game. The "on foot" parts of the game suffered from rather poor quality controls. It was just a little sloppy. But if you can look over that small flaw the game will keep you entertained for hours.

All in all the game was in my opinion the 2nd best Star Fox game ever made (Star Fox 64 being the best) The great graphics, action packed game play and story line, and the great sounds and soundtrack will keep you playing this game for hours on end. I can guarantee that. So I highly do recommend it!

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