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More and more game reviews. This next one is called Star Fox 64 And is one of my favorite space combat games. Released back in 1997 for the Nintendo 64, you play as the protagonist Fox McCloud as he and is band of mercenaries helps the Corneria armed forces defend from and then attack and evil Monkey warlord by the name of Andros from trying to take over the Galaxy after having found a mysterious magical power of unknown origin.

The game play`s controls are easy to follow and get use to (though it may take a few minutes to get acclimated to them). During the game you had 3 main modes of controlling your craft. You had the 3D aerial/space battle in which you could move and dogfight in all 3 dimensions, Rail shooting where you continued on a flight path though the level has you point and shoot your way through enemies, on the ground in a tank railshooting (both literally and figuratively as the level with the tank you have to blow up a rail-yard), And underwater, also in railshooting. All the sounds were originally created for this game. Thus it actually made you feel like you were in another world with futuristic high tech weapons and ships. The Soundtrack however in my opinion was a little weak though the songs they made did you work for the levels they were in. Graphics to the game were very well done for this day an age. Very detailed ships and character models made this one of the most unforgettable games for the N64. There`s not much of a story to the game other that having to stop the forces of Andros and Andros himself. But the game did give you some background story dealing with Fox McCloud and his father. I have an interesting fact about this game and myself. Back in 2000 I was recognized for having the 42nd highest score ever record for the game world wide. With almost 1,500,000 kills. I was 2,300 kills short from 1st place. Still I was happy when I was recognized for it. The list of top players for the game has long since been taken down off of Nintendo`s site; still it`s nice knowing that I was so great at this game.

All in all this was a superior game and I loved it. I`ve played it so many times now I`ve lost count... though I haven`t played it in 2 years... maybe I should play it again soon to see if I still have it. Anyway any one who loves space battle games will surely love this game also and I Highly recommend it.

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